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My 5-Step Feel Better Framework: Episode 49 of The Thryoid Healthy Bites Podcast with Ginny Mahar, pictured in a white chef's coat

My 5-Step Feel-Better Framework for Thyroid Thrivers

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Feeling better as a Thyroid Thriver can feel elusive. Your health journey may have moments of progress, only to be followed by setbacks and new symptoms that leave you feeling like you've lost your grip. Whether you're new to thyroid issues or have been navigating them for years, there's a simple 5-step framework that can help you regain control of your health and well-being. In this blog post and podcast episode, I'll reveal this framework to you. We’ll go up to 30,000 feet to take a birds-eye view of the healing journey, and these essential steps that can help you reduce symptoms, boost your energy, and ultimately feel better.

Scroll down to choose from the YouTube video, podcast audio, or an abridged version of the 5-Step Framework in the blog post below. You'll also find links to numerous resources to help you with each step. Enjoy! 


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Disclaimer: This information is for educational and inspirational purposes only. Always consult with your doctor or other qualified healthcare providers before making changes to your diet, health care, or exercise regimen.



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Step 1: Find a Good Doctor

One of the foundational steps in your thyroid journey is finding a knowledgeable and empathetic healthcare provider. While an endocrinologist may be the first choice for some, it's essential to explore various options to find the right fit for your needs. Many of us find we need to go outside the realm of conventional medicine to get the care we need, and seek out medical professionals who have some holistic, functional, or integrative training. Consider resources like Paloma Health, which specializes in thyroid care, and don't hesitate to seek a second opinion if necessary. 

Helpful Resources:



Step 2: Optimize Your Meds

Getting on the right thyroid medication at the appropriate dosage for your body is crucial. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach, and you may need to explore different medication types, combinations, or brands. You'll need a good thyroid doctor to help you find what works best for you. Taking your prescribed medication as directed is vital; it's not something to skip or neglect on your healing journey. Remember, there's no shame in taking thyroid medication if it's prescribed; it can be a crucial part of your healing journey. 

Helpful Resources:


Step 3: Optimize What You Eat and Drink

Food is medicine, and optimizing your diet can significantly impact your thyroid health. While there are foods to avoid (such as processed foods, gluten, dairy, sugar, and alcohol), focus on incorporating more thyroid-supportive foods into your diet. Embrace colorful plant foods, clean animal protein, healthy fats, and fiber. Stay well-hydrated with filtered water. These elements make up the pillars of thyroid-healthy eating, promoting anti-inflammatory, gut health-supportive, and nutrient-dense nutrition personalized to your needs.

Helpful Resources: 



Step 4: Move Your Body

Regular physical activity is essential for everyone, regardless of their health circumstances. However, as a Thyroid Thriver, you may need to adapt your exercise routine. Some may find that they no longer tolerate exercise like they used to or that pushing too hard can lead to flares. Prioritize strength training to maintain muscle mass and support your metabolism. Remember, any amount or type of exercise can be beneficial, so find what works best for you and try to do it regularly.

Helpful Resources: 



Step 5: Get Support

Having a support system is crucial on your thyroid journey. Seeking support from friends, family, and loved ones can be helpful...but finding a community of others who understand what it's like to deal with thyroid issues can be life-changing. Support communities that are results-focused, like The Thrivers Club, aren't just about commiserating. Try to find a support community with a positive focus where members cheer each other on, share wins, and inspire each other to keep going, even when faced with obstacles. The support of a health coach with expertise in thyroid conditions can also help you avoid common pitfalls, such as overexercising or getting caught up in trendy diets or supplements.

Helpful Resources: 



In Conclusion...

Your path to feeling better as a Thyroid Thriver doesn't have to be overwhelming. By following this 5-step framework, you can take control of your health, reduce symptoms, regain your energy, and start feeling like yourself again. Remember that you don't have to go through this journey alone; seek out the support you need, whether from healthcare providers, friends, or communities like The Thrivers Club. Your health is worth the effort, and with the right approach, you can thrive despite your thyroid challenges.

Wishing you happy thriving and the best of health! 


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