Over 50 Quick & Easy Thyroid-healthy Recipes! 

Let's Get Cooking!

If you want to change your life, change the way you eat. 

The Thyroid-healthy Everyday Cookbook (eBook) features over 50 simple and nourishing anti-inflammatory recipes to help you eat thyroid-healthy all year long. This comprehensive collection features gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo, and AIP recipes (including reintroductions). From grab-and-go breakfast ideas to easy weeknight dinners, staple snacks, healthier sweet treats, and so much more, the recipes in this eBook will help you eat well so you can feel well, without spending all day in the kitchen.

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Your Instructor, Coach & Chef

I'm here to help! My name is Ginny Mahar and I'm a thyroid health and cooking coach, and Cordon Bleu-trained chef.  I've been where you are, and in combination with proper treatment, thyroid-healthy eating gave me my life back.   

I believe that as Thyroid Thrivers, food should nourish our bodies, support our health, AND be a delicious celebration to share with family and friends. As a busy, working mom, I also believe it shouldn’t be fussy, complicated, or take all day to prepare. Who needs that?!

The Thyroid-healthy Everyday eCookbook is filled with real-world recipes designed to help you eat thyroid-healthy every day so that you can feel like YOU again!

What Makes the Recipes Thyroid-healthy?

Did you know that there are there are certain foods that are problematic for the thyroid, and those that support it? Or that the food you eat can either help you feel energized and healthy, or sick and tired?

Food is medicine. It has the power to reduce symptoms, calm autoimmune thyroid antibodies, heal and support the gut, and even change the way our bodies utilize thyroid medication.

In addition to providing you with delicious recipes for meals, snacks, and desserts, The Thyroid-healthy Everyday Cookbook walks you through the various dietary templates Thyroid Thrivers use. I've also included my 35-page guide on the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of thyroid-healthy eating!

The Recipes Inside Are: 

  • Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free, Paleo, and Whole30 Compliant
  • Either Elimination Phase AIP, or Labeled According to AIP Reintroductions
  • Designed to Lower Inflammation
  • 100% Whole-foods Based
  • Thyroid and Gut Health-supportive
  • Nutrient-dense

Best of all, 90% of the recipes take less than 30 minutes of prep time!!

Is The Thyroid-healthy Everyday Cookbook for You? 

The Thyroid-healthy Everyday eCookbook isn't just for those of us with hypothyroidism, or Hashimoto's. It's also for those who have had all or part of their thyroid removed, and those who have undergone RAI for Graves Disease or hyperthyroidism, and are now on supplemental thyroid hormone. 

The recipes and information inside give you a way to dip a toe in, dive in headfirst, or simply make your Thyroid-friendly meals that much more delicious. 

You don’t need any special cooking skills. There’s no instant pot or air fryer required. Just a willingness to learn, and to try something new for the sake of your thyroid and overall health.


The Cookbook offers all of this:


✔️ Recipes Both You and Your Family will LOVE

✔️ Answers to the Dreaded Question: What's for Dinner?!

✔️ Over a Dozen Thyroid-healthy Breakfasts

✔️ A Chance to Learn More About Thyroid-healthy Eating

✔️ An Opportunity to FEEL BETTER and THRIVE!


And none of this:


❌ No more hours spent scouring the internet for recipes

❌ No more being stuck in the kitchen making dreary "health food" recipes

❌ No more making separate meals for you and your family

❌ No more kitchen burnout and mealtime overwhelm


The Cookbook is NOT for:

  • Those looking for a quick fix
  • Those who don't want to do ANY cooking
  • Those seeking 1-on-1 guidance
  • Those in the midst of a serious thyroid health crisis
  • Those seeking a substitute for proper medical care and treatment

Here's What People are Saying About the Cookbook:

Dana B.

I absolutely love this book! It's perfect if you're just beginning and gives you step by step guidance depending on the diet your working towards. It's also great if you're looking for new and delicious recipes to mix things up. Thank you Ginny for all the time and work you put in!

Betsy H.

What a great cookbook! I have tried several of the recipes and my family ate them! I perused the rest of the recipes with an eye out for any hint of those foods that I am sensitive to, and like she promised, Ginny came through with flying colors. Not one of these recipes will kick me to the curb. I also appreciate that many recipes can be made ahead of time for lunches without losing their flavor. This cookbook is a keeper.

Teresa C. 

I am not the greatest cook but the recipes are so user friendly and it is so nice that you do not have to be super savvy in the kitchen to create such quick dinners, snacks, and healthier treats. Also, the recipes are not just for a person with thyroid issues. My entire family and friends have enjoyed many of the recipes and snacks.

Choose Between the Cookbook, or the Complete Kickstart!

What's Inside the Kickstart?

  • The Thyroid-healthy Everyday eCookbook 
  • Meal Plans & Shopping Lists 
  • Thyroid-healthy Eating Guide & Mini-course
  • 4-week Kickstart Plan 
  • DIY Meal Planning Tutorial & Templates 
  • Food Sensitivity Tracker
  • Troubleshooting Guide

Plus, these awesome bonuses! 

  • BONUS: The Hydration Bundle 
  • BONUS: The Healthy Fats & Oils Guide
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Don't Forget: It's 100% Risk Free

I stand behind the quality and integrity of my work. If you're not 100% satisfied within 30 days of purchase, I will refund you immediately. No hard feelings. No questions asked. 

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The Hydration Bundle Includes: 

  • Infused Water Recipe Collection
  • A Thyroid Thriver's Guide to Hydration
  • A Handy Printable Water Tracker

Choose the Option that's Right for You!

The Cookbook Bundle




  • 50+ Recipe eCookbook
  • 35-page Thyroid-healthy Eating Guide
  • BONUS: The Hydration Bundle

The Meal Plan Kickstart


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  • 50+ Recipe eCookbook
  • 35-page Thyroid-healthy Eating Guide & Mini-course
  • 4-week Kickstart Plan
  • Seasonal Meal Plans & Shopping Lists
  • DIY Meal Planning Templates 
  • Food Sensitivity Tracker
  • Troubleshooting Guide  
  • BONUS: The Hydration Bundle 
  • BONUS: The Healthy Fats & Oils Guide