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An MS Recovery Story with Kevin Arnold, The Thyroid-Healthy Bites Podcast, Episode 56

An MS Recovery Story with Kevin Arnold

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The most powerful medicine for those of us living with chronic illness is HOPE. So, when my fellow FMCA alum, Kevin Arnold, approached me with an offer to share his inspiring MS recovery story, the answer was a resounding yes. We all crave a glimmer of hope, especially when facing our own health issues. Someone to let us know that they've been there too and have returned from the ordeal triumphant, with wisdom to share. Regardless of your diagnosis, Kevin's story is sure to enlighten and inspire. 

In this episode of Thyroid-Healthy Bites, you'll hear Kevin's inspirational "hero's journey," intertwined with outdoor adventure, medical obstacles, and the essential mastery of mindset. I witnessed the impact that MS had on Kevin's life and livelihood throughout our functional medicine health coach training. As he shares his story on the show, you'll learn about the rollercoaster ride of highs, lows, and revelations behind the scenes. 

In this episode we'll discuss: 

  • Kevin's life leading up to Multiple Sclerosis
  • What is MS, and how does it affect the body?
  • Kevin's MS onset and recovery story
  • The healing journey as a hero's journey
  • Kevin's experience with the Wahl's Protocol 
  • The essential role mindset played in Kevin's recovery and healing


Disclaimer: This information is for educational and inspirational purposes only. Always consult with your doctor or other qualified healthcare providers before making changes to your diet, health care, or exercise regimen.



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About Kevin Arnold, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

Kevin Arnold is a board-certified health and wellness coach, a Functional Medicine Health Coach, a Certified Wahls Health Practitioner, an RYT200-certified yoga teacher, and a Behavior Change Specialist. 

In 2016, Kevin received a diagnosis of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS). Faced with a lack of satisfactory answers from various neurologists, he grew disillusioned with the conventional medical care process centered on diagnosis and medication. Recognizing the limitations of this approach, he embarked on a journey of self-education, delving into Functional Medicine and Nutrition.

Through extensive reading and lifestyle adjustments, including gut health improvements, stress reduction, and the adoption of healthy habits such as clean eating, intermittent fasting, and yoga, Kevin reclaimed his health. This transformation led him to become a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach in 2022 and a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach in 2023. He practices alongside his wife, Dani Arnold, CNS, LDN, MS, at The Source Functional Nutrition, recognizing that tailored strategies are essential for optimal health and wellness attainment.

Happy thriving, and enjoy the episode! 


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