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AIP homemade lamb sausage with fresh herbs

AIP Lamb Sausage (and 4 Ways to Use It)

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This 3-pound batch of AIP lamb sausage is a perfect staple for your thyroid-friendly diet. It’s free of the processed ingredients you might see on the label of your pre-packaged breakfast sausage (like soy protein concentrate, corn syrup, or MSG). On busy mornings, I reheat a few of these savory patties, add a scoop of fermented sauerkraut, a few slices of avocado, and boom, ready to charge!

Two of the biggest challenges on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) are figuring out what to eat for breakfast, and keeping enough compliant food on hand to avoid ‘The Hangries.’ This batch-cooking recipe solves both problems. With breakfast for days in the fridge and freezer, you’ll also have extra to spare for lunches and dinners.

Below, you'll find a few of my favorite ways to turn this one batch of sausage into many AIP meals!


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4 Ways to Use this AIP Lamb Sausage


1.     Lamb Sausage Patties

Roll the meat mixture into golf-ball-size rounds, flatten, and brown in a skillet over medium-high heat. Put some in the fridge to be eaten in the next few days, and the rest in the freezer for easy reheatable breakfast sausage.

2.     Lamb Burger Salad

Toss a few handfuls of baby arugula with olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Top with a few of the browned lamb patties, freshly crisped bacon bits, and caramelized onions (I like to give them some color in the same pan I sizzled the lamb sausage in). If you can tolerate dairy, add a sprinkling of crumbled goat cheese. If you can’t, use diced avocado. Sooo good.

3.     Lamb Meatball Soup

This is an especially good option if you have bone broth on hand, and kids love it.

Take approx. 3/4 lb. of the meat mixture and roll into tiny meatballs, about the size of a macadamia nut. Simmer in a quart of bone broth (or your favorite store-bought broth), along with whatever appropriate diced vegetables you have on hand. Simple diced carrots and celery are great. I added a leftover roasted vegetable medley containing zucchini, cauliflower, and swiss chard. Simmer lightly until the veggies are tender. Or, skip the veggies altogether and enjoy these simple “meatballs en brodo”.

4.    Lamb Hash with Carrots and Celery Root

In a large skillet, brown a pound of the lamb sausage mixture. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Add a pound each of diced celery root and carrots to the drippings in the pan, and sauté until well-browned. Season with a pinch of cinnamon, two pinches of turmeric, and one tablespoon of maple syrup. Add the sausage back to the pan, stir to combine, and enjoy! See the full recipe HERE.


Try this pork sausage next! Sweet Italian Sausage


Thyroid-healthy Highlights:

  • In addition to selenium, zinc, and iron, a 4 oz. portion of ground lamb provides 91% RDI of the essential amino acid Tyrosine, which the thyroid gland combines with iodine to make thyroid hormone.
  • Parsley has myriad health benefits and is often recommended as a detoxifying agent. Nutritionally speaking, parsley is a very good source of vitamin A and iron: both of which are key thyroid-supporting nutrients. Parsley is also a good source of zinc, which helps support memory, concentration and the immune system, while reducing the inflammation that can be associated with thyroid disease.
  • Garlic has many powerful healing properties and can aid or alleviate some of the symptoms of thyroid disease such as inflammation, cardiovascular issues, decreased immunity, and increased infection. It can also support the liver in its detoxification efforts.


 Happy cooking, happy thriving, and enjoy the recipe (below)!

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