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How to Choose Thyroid-healthy Cooking Fats & Oils

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When it comes to choosing healthy cooking fats and oils, there’s a lot to consider. First, there's the inherent makeup of the oil. Does it contain healthy fats? Next, we have to consider how it was made. Was it processed using harsh chemicals or high heat? Once we think we've chosen a healthy oil, we have to consider the smoke point, or maximum recommended cooking temperature for the oil. Is your chosen oil safe for your current cooking method? What do terms like refined or unrefined mean, and why do they matter? And of course, there’s the issue of flavor. Not every dish is complemented by the taste and aroma of coconut, for example.

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It can feel overwhelming, but the good news is that all it takes to make good decisions about cooking fats and oils is a little bit of knowledge. This is what we're going to cover in this episode of Thyroid-healthy Bites. 




We'll Discuss:

  • Rules of thumb for choosing the right fats and oils
  • Which oils to absolutely avoid
  • Which oils are best for high, medium, low, and no-heat cooking
  • Words to watch for on labels
  • Myth-busting everyone’s favorite healthy fat: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Scroll down for a list of my favorite fats and oils!


No Time to Watch or Listen to the Show?

If you want it all laid out for you on paper, in a clear, no-nonsense guide, I’ve got you covered. My Simple Guide to Healthy Fats & Oils clearly outlines how to choose the best fat, and for which cooking purpose. 

Download the Simple Guide to Healthy Fats & Oils


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My Favorite Fats & Oils



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How to Choose Thyroid-healthy Cooking Fats & Oils