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mild and creamy butterless butter chicken recipe low fodmap

Mild And Creamy Butterless Butter Chicken (Low FODMAP)

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This recipe is republished with permission from Phoebe Lapine’s book, SIBO Made Simple

This low-FODMAP Butterless Butter Chicken from guest contributor Phoebe Lapine is mild and heat-free, and still relatively creamy thanks to ghee and coconut milk.

Indian cuisine can be incredibly soothing for your gut if you avoid the dishes with added cream and lots of butter. Curries and sauces are usually loaded with healthful spices like warming fresh ginger and anti-inflammatory turmeric.

Recipe creator Phoebe Lapine is a food and health writer, gluten-free chef, Hashimoto's advocate, and the voice behind the award-winning blog Feed Me Phoebe. She is also the host of the SIBO Made Simple podcast and author of the SIBO Made Simple Cookbook, which helps those newly diagnosed or chronically fighting SIBO. 

One of the things I learned from Phoebe is that SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) causes 60% of more of IBS cases. Both SIBO and IBS are common issues amongst hypothyroid patients who struggle with slow gut motility, gut dysbiosis, constipation, and other digestive woes.  

So, if you're struggling with IBS symptoms or SIBO, grab Phoebe's book. One of the first things you'll learn is that a low-FODMAP diet is one of the pillars of treatment. 

Phoebe's Butter Chicken is mild and heat-free and still relatively creamy thanks to ghee and coconut milk. 

Chef's Tip: If you’re not Low FODMAP, you can use the full can of coconut milk and omit the stock. For lovers of spicy food, add a few pinches of cayenne to the spice mixture, or a halved jalapeño to the sauce as it simmers.


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Thyroid-healthy Recipe Highlights:


Happy cooking, happy thriving, and enjoy the recipe (below)!

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Suggested Accompaniments

Serve Butter Chicken atop whichever accompaniment fits your dietary requirements:




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