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Introducing Thyroid-healthy Bites!

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Hey Thyroid Thrivers! It's been an exciting couple weeks around Hypothyroid Chef HQ. First, the launch of this new website. Now, the launch of my new weekly show and podcast, Thyroid Healthy Bites! 

In this introductory episode we'll talk about:
  • What to expect from Thyroid-healthy Bites? 

  •  Who the heck am I?

  •  What is Hypothyroid Chef?


What is Thyroid-healthy Bites?

Thyroid-healthy Bites features thyroid-healthy recipes and lifestyle inspiration. Each week in these short-format (< 30 mins) videos I'll share:

  • Thyroid-healthy Recipe Demos
  • Featured Ingredient Deep Dives
  • Thyroid-specific Health and Nutrition
  • Tales from the healing journey




Do You Like to Watch or Listen?

Either way, you're in luck. In addition to sending new episodes out to my mailing list, you can listen or watch on the platform of your choice:

And of course, you can always watch here on the blog. Just hit 'play' above. 


Show Notes:

Pull up a chair and get comfortable! At Thyroid-healthy Bites, there's always an extra seat at the table, yummy things to eat, and lively conversation about how we can THRIVE, hypothyroidism or not. Looking forward to sharing this time with you! 



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