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Welcome to Thyroid-healthy Bites! - Ep. 1

Season #1

Welcome to the very first episode of Thyroid-healthy Bites, a weekly podcast featuring thyroid-healthy recipes and lifestyle. I’m Ginny Mahar, your host, and the face behind the apron at

I help Thyroid Thrivers eat well, and live well, so they can FEEL WELL. I am so thrilled to introduce this podcast, my new website, and...well...ME!

We're going to cover:

  • What to expect from Thyroid-healthy Bites?
  • Who the heck am I? 
  • And what is Hypothyroid Chef?

Pull up a chair and get comfortable! At Thyroid-healthy Bites, there's always an extra seat at the table, yummy things to eat, and lively conversation about how we can THRIVE, hypothyroidism or not.

Resources from the episode: