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Are White Potatoes Thyroid-healthy? - Ep. 8

Season #1

White potatoes can be one of those "gray-area" foods when it comes to a thyroid-healthy diet. Are they just more "starchy food" or "empty calories" that's going to send our blood sugar into the stratosphere? Are they mere standard-American plate filler or do they actually have some nutritional heft?

Potatoes are like the Hooper Humperdink of common whole-foods-based dietary templates like Whole30 and Paleo. They weren't invited to the party, but now they are. But then, for true elimination diets like AIP, they are a no-go.

Why is that? What's up with spuds and should we be eating more, less, or none of them? These are the questions we're going to explore in this episode of Thyroid-healthy Bites.

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