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Let's Talk Thyroid-healthy Eating with Annabel Bateman

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In this week's episode of Thyroid-healthy Bites, we're going to switch things up a bit. I'll be in the hot seat this time, being interviewed by the amazing Annabel Bateman of the Let's Talk Thyroid Podcast. She had me on her show to talk all about food, glorious thyroid-healthy food

Annabel is a health coach, cookbook author, Hashimoto's patient, mom of three teenagers, and a fellow Thyroid Thriver from Australia. She reached out to me via Instagram because we both LOVE thyroid-healthy eating and recipes.  

Like me, Annabel has used diet and lifestyle to manage her thyroid symptoms with life-changing success. In fact, she recently found out that her thyroid antibodies are so low she's essentially in remission!

We had so much to talk about and I had a great time on her show. This episode is a little longer than my normal episode length, but there's a ton of great information, inspiration, and practical tips we both shared as we compared notes and personal stories. 



We Discuss:

  • My healing journey and my mission
  • The 4 core principles of thyroid-healthy eating
  • The three primary food groups in a thyroid-healthy diet
  • Strategies for making diet and lifestyle changes that stick 
  • Mindset shifts that have helped us navigate a new and better way of eating
  • Tackling gluten-free breakfasts
  • Practical kitchen tips for real-world, thyroid-healthy cooking
  • How to approach sweets, treats, and desserts. 

Whether you're already eating for your thyroid and overall health, or are ready to take the first step on that journey, don't miss this jam-packed episode!




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There are so many lists out there of foods we're not supposed to eat as thyroid patients. It's such a bummer! That's why I wanted to put together this list of foods we CAN eat!

Once you download this list, use it to get your wheels turning, and help you envision a life of delicious, thyroid-healthy meals. 

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We all have our unique dietary needs and sensitivities, so adjust this list in the way that works for you. I hope it helps inspire delicious meals that support your healing journey. 


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