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The 8 Daily Rituals of Thyroid-Healthy Living - Ep. 53

Season #3

Simplifying your thyroid-healthy lifestyle is a big part of my mission as Hypothyroid Chef. That’s why I took the common core recommendations from the world’s leading experts on thyroid health and boiled them down into something that can fit on an index card. I call these tenets of thyroid-healthy living “The 8 Daily Rituals,” or The 8 Rs for short.

In today’s episode of the Thyroid-Healthy Bites Podcast, I will introduce you to The 8 Daily Rituals and explain the WHYs behind them. 

This episode will provide you with clarity where you’ve had confusion and will simplify what can feel overwhelming. So get comfy, grab a cup of tea and something to take notes with because this will be a high-impact episode. Let’s dig in!

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