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What's the Best Diet for Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's? - Ep. 6

Season #1

 When it comes to figuring out the ideal thyroid-healthy diet for YOU, there are so many pathways to getting there. That’s where we can get confused and overwhelmed, FAST. 

Should I be gluten-free? Paleo? AIP? Ask 5 different experts this question and you might get 5 different answers. What's a Thyroid Thriver to do? Which diet is best for YOU? Where should you begin? 

That is what I’m here to help you figure out, in this episode of Thyroid-healthy Bites. 

We'll Discuss:

  • The goal of thyroid-healthy eating
  • The importance of working with a functional/holistic healthcare professional when making dietary changes
  • The micro-step approach vs. the go-big approach
  • Pros, cons, pitfalls, and rewards of the most common dietary templates recommended for Thyroid Thrivers (GF/DF/SF/Paleo/AIP)
  • My personal experience with making dietary changes
  • Determining which spot on the dietary spectrum is right for you, right now
  • How to set yourself up for success

Whether you're already eating for your thyroid and overall health, or are ready to take the first step on that journey, don't miss this jam-packed episode!

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