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Navigating Holiday Food the Thyroid-healthy Way - Ep. 36

Season #2

As Thyroid Thrivers, many of us become bloated, inflamed, brain-fogged, and downright symptomatic from eating things like gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy, and classic holiday recipes are loaded with these ingredients! ⁠ So, How do we get through the holidays the thyroid-healthy way?⁠

That's what we're going to cover in this episode of Thyroid-healthy Bites.

We'll Discuss:

  • My personal story of learning to navigate thyroid-healthy holidays
  • Dealing with expectations (both your own and others')
  • Making healthy boundaries (both with yourself and with others)
  • Sidestepping temptation because let’s face it, gluten, dairy, and sugar taste good!
  • Thyroid-healthy holiday recipe ideas and solutions

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