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What Do Your Thyroid Test Results Mean? With Mary Shomon - Ep. 30

Season #1

If you want to put the information provided by your thyroid labs to good use so that you can optimize your treatment and feel your best, this episode of Thyroid-healthy Bites is a do-not-miss! 

In this Season 1 finale episode, I interviewed NYT bestselling author, thyroid expert, and patient advocate Mary Shomon, to help you learn all about your thyroid test results and what they mean. 


We'll Discuss:

  • Essential thyroid tests  
  • Why TSH testing is NOT enough
  • Normal vs optimal thyroid levels
  • Why is antibody testing so important?
  • What to do if your doctor refuses to run a complete thyroid panel 
  • Using thyroid labs to optimize our medication
  • What is Reverse T3 and what can it tell us?
  • How often should you get tested?


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